Posting a HookUp empowers you to find, filter, and select possible partners. You can provide information about yourself and what you're looking for, even a teaser photo for higher visibility. Through our Facebook page and our response system, you can choose among all interested responders and find someone(s) who can make you happy.


There are two main ways to find out who's interested in you:

  1. Check your post on our Facebook page. You will get comments and likes and can follow up with any of them.

  2. Check for responses on your HookUp Manager. These will be different than the likes and comments on your Facebook post. People who leave messages for you here will not have it show up on their Facebook activity, so they may feel more comfortable talking here.

    Every day, if you have any new messages, we'll send you an email with them. This makes it even easier to keep up with all the people knocking on your door!

Can I opt out of email notifications?

Of course! You are opted in by default but can change that with one click on your HookUp Manager. You can always opt back in!

What if I want to delete my HookUp?

You can do that too! This is also handled through your HookUp Manager. As soon as you make a request, your post will be immediately unavailable on our site. Within 24 hours, the corresponding Facebook post will be deleted also!

Unlike opting out of notifications, deleting your HookUp cannot be undone. Be sure you want to delete it!

How do I reply to a HookUp?

  1. Through Facebook: Like or Comment on the HookUp. The poster can then know who you are!

  2. Through our web app: If you don't want the activity to show up on your Facebook activity, you can leave a (nice!) (private!) message on NYU HookUps.

    If you have verified your NYU email, the poster will receive a special @hookupcampus.com email address that we'll forward to you! This way, you can chat much faster!